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There is no longer a Toddler Group at Annesley Primary & Nursery School

Year 6 - Welcome Back

We are looking forward to seeing you again and having you back at school. We know that things might be a little different, but we will try our best to have fun and enjoy the rest of the school year.


Below are some videos and other useful bits, that will help you to understand what it will be like to come back to school in Year 6.  We know you won't all be together but we hope to make your last few weeks at Annesley Primary as enjoyable as we can!

What to expect

Because we have a narrow entrance, we are asking you to meet us on the large grass area next to the disabled car park.



Please make sure you stay 2 metres away from away from other family groups. We will then lead to your classroom. 


You will be in two pods, which one will depend on which secondary school you are going to. 


Your parents will not be able to come with you to the classroom. 


Once we are in the classroom, we will remain in these pods throughout the day. 


In your classroom you will each get a WHOLE table to yourself. You will also have your own equipment, so you don't need to bring anything from home.


Here are some pictures to show you how the classrooms will look.

...and some welcome back videos from two of your adults....

Hello from Mr.Brown.......

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....and Miss.Geeson....

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...and , of course, there has to be a #teacherbeef !!!

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Most of your work will be based around getting you ready to go to secondary school.


We will be using these books for part of your transition learning.


And, of course, we have lots of information on our class page.


We will also be reading this book in class.




At the end of the day, 3pm, we will walk you back down to the grassed area to be picked up. 

What to expect - By Alexia and Josh

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Alexia and Josh have been at school throughout and give you the low down one what are positives and negatives of returning to school.

Where we will meet and where we go next

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Year 6 Pod A

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Pod B - Part one

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You have to walk the long way around - but you'll get in your steps

Year 6 pod bb.mp4

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In English, we will be completing a unit of work based around Macbeth, refreshing ourselves with some key writing and reading skills.


In Maths, we will be racing across the U.K and also be revisiting some key skills and applying these in a variety of different ways across different projects.





Most of the work we will be doing will be based around transition to secondary school.

We will be focusing not only on what it will be like when you move up to secondary school, but we will also be looking at a range of key skills that will help with your move to secondary.

We will take a closer look at each individual school, and try to tailor any activities to the school that you will be attending as much as possible.

Moving On power point