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Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely summer and are all excited to join your new class for new learning challenges.

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



We are the Falcons



Dates for the Diary 

2/9/19 - INSET Day 

3/9/19 - First day back 

11/9/19 - Our visit to Sherwood Forest 

19/9/19 - Zoom Railway Visit us 

20/9/19 - Bolsover Bulls coaching session 

26/9/19 - European Languages Day 

30/9/19 - Outdoor Learning Week 

2/10/19 - Hope Tour Performance ( Whole School )

7/10/19 - Individual Photos 

17/10/19 - Harvest Assembly and Pumpkin Disco


A magical moment is a special event that you experienced in your life. It could be funny, thoughtful, simple or heroic, but what matters is that special feeling you experienced. I look forward to hearing and sharing your magic moments.


In our first week KAYDEN made us giggle! 

We were talking about measuring and we had discussed; mm, cm, m.

 Mrs Wraith asked, "What's bigger than a metre?"

Kayden, "2 metres" 

You were right Kayden BUT I was hoping you would say kilometres 





Class Information


Our school promotes healthy eating and therefore we request that children do not bring sugary foods and drinks into school for breaks or dinner , water bottles have been provided by school for every child.


You will be given homework on Friday and you should hand it in by the following  Friday  The homework will alternate each week between English and Maths .


You will be given spelling lists on Friday and we will have spelling activities each morning , remember you could beat a teacher.


We will check your 4 reads on Friday morning. You are allowed to fill in your own diary but at least one read must have an adult signature. 




PE will take place on Tuesday and Friday afternoon - It is  beginning to get colder so I recommend that you have trousers and  shorts in your PE kit.  Earrings must be removed prior to lessons. Staff can not remove earrings but can offer tape to cover the earring.  Children who are not able to remove their own earrings or have tape applied will not be allowed to participate in PE lessons. 

Further details on this are available in our policies section on the school website





WOW! Everyone passed this week!

These are my hot honey bees 

With 15 out of 15 

Trent, Owen, Lily, Ella, Bobby, Matthew S, Claudia, James, Weronika, Hannah, Caley

The times tables hero this week are.....

Trent, Lily, Adam, Oliviah, Matthew S, Claudia, Hannah, Caley, Kayden


Here you will find out what homework has been given for the week. 

Below is the list of spellings given out this week to learn. 

Spellings 13/9/19 - spellings with silent letters

Say hello to our class pets......Ruby, Betty, Blitz

Useful Links

Year 5 and 6 spelling list