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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Jays

What's coming up for Year 4

24/02/2020 - Back to school.

W.C -03/03/2020 - Parents' Evenings.

09/03/2020 - Outdoor Learning and Science week.

18/03/2020 - Pop-up Mothers Day crafts event.

25/03/2020 - Night at the Musicals (afternoon and evening shows)

03/04/2020 - BREAK UP FOR EASTER.




Take a look at our plans for the upcoming school year.

Reading With George...



In year 4, we love reading and aim to complete books regularly and with enjoyment. There will be a reading audit on Friday morning, so make sure that you have completed at least 4 reading entries in your diary, including one by an adult. Children who regularly read more than 4 times each week  will get to read with George, the Bearded Dragon and appear on our 'Reading with George' reading wall.          



A magical moment is a special event that you experienced in your life. It could be funny, thoughtful, simple or heroic, but what matters is that special feeling you experienced. I look forward to hearing and sharing your magic moments.



Picture 1 Being magical at our fashion show.
Picture 2 The Great Annesley Bake Off.
Picture 3 Our jousting champions.
Picture 4 Amazing archers.

Picture 1

Year 4 objectives for Maths

Writing objectives for year 4

What are adverbs?

Year 3 and 4 list of spellings to learn