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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

'WOW' work

This is where we share the amazing pieces of work the children have produced.  

12.3.20 Jodie for great work with line and perimeter. Even bringing in work from home to challenge Mr P. Super presentation and getting the hang of measuring. Well done!


5.3.20 Brinley for A good honest piece of writing that showed him working spot on the mark . Super work!

14.2.20 Akil for making progression in maths and really working hard with his literacy and spellings too. Super work!

7.2.20 Skye for her amazing design and technology work to produce a workable design that then translated into a great teamwork build. Then she evaluated to think about what went well and areas for development.

24.1.20 Charlie Mc for his postcard home in the role of Gregory Cool. He was showing his super hero qualities brought through from year 2. Well done!

17.1.20 Bree for her desription of a setting. Using her target of incorporating speech too. Well done!

10.1.20 Harry his independent approach to his maths. Not always finding it the easiest. But this week he has really stuck with it on his multiplication. Using the signs of inequality...  To show greater and less than and equal to  Well done!

20.12.19  Everybody for an absolutely brilliant performance of Everybody loves a baby!  Well done!

13.12.19  Amelia  a top class and thorough approach to her reading paper. Well done!

22.11.19  Veer showed a terrific amount of thorough work this week. With his amazing amount of work on geography to use for figure references to find and locate places on a map of Eyam.

18.10.19  Louis  you have worked extremely hard this week.  You amazed us all with your 'shape poem', even Mrs Roberts was impressed!  Well done Louis,  keep on using ambitious vocabulary within your writing.   

11.10.19  Amelia  you have amazed us all with your 'scientific'mind.   Your independent approach to your seed dispersal was superb. As for the life cycle of an apple. WOW!  Well done Amelia, keep on investigating.  

4.10.19  Harry  your orienteering skills are amazing.  You are a team play and your map reading skills are phenomenal.  Well Done!  Keep on being a team player and you will go far!

27.09.19  Brinley  you have worked extremely hard this week.  You amazed us all with how confident you were speaking in French.  Tres Bien! 

20.09.19  Callum you have taken on an independent approach to learning this week. You have used ambitious vocabulary, preposition and adjectives in your work..  Keep it up!
13.9.19  Calum H has amazed us all this week.  You have come back to school with a positive and can do attitude.  You are very independent and want to try new things.  How many times have you had your hand up?    Well done!  Keep it up!

6.9.19  Corey has made a really seamless effort to join in year three: working as part of a group or independently as well...well done!