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There is no longer a Toddler Group at Annesley Primary & Nursery School

What is ahead for reading at Annesley?

What is next for reading?




The children were recently asked how they feel about reading at

Annesley Primary School, as a result of pupil feedback, 

the library will be renamed and reopened soon! 


New brightly coloured seating is on order, this will provide a much larger seating area for children to sit and enjoy the library. This reading space will be open every morning playtime. It will be supervised by adults in school and provide opportunities for supporting reading and for sharing stories with peers, with the adult on standby to help children to select and enjoy suitable books. There will be a large, horseshoe shaped table as well, which will be used for group work and individual support e.g. mental health. This can double up as a calming, colouring area.

The books  will be reorganised. Any old books cleared out and donated to the Police Convoy. Lots of new books have been ordered with a range of genres, which were requested in the children's feedback.

There will also be timetabled story times for each class in the

library at the end of the day. 





Watch this space...

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