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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Weekly Learning Challenges. 4th May - 10th May.

Weekly Learning Challenges 


Feel free to send anything you have done to

It would be great to hear what you have been up to and see what you have been working on.


Here are some challenges to work on this week:

Share a story month

May sees the start of 'National Share a story Month,' so we have set up a special page on the website where staff are sharing their favourite stories. Just head over to the gallery section on the website to find these - you can see Miss Geeson's, Mrs McGowan's and my videos on there now.

We would love it if you would also get involved too.

You could: get someone to record you reading your favourite book, share a small part of your favourite story, design a front cover for your favourite story, draw a picture or story map for your favourite story or even act it out.  I am sure there are lots of other things you could do too, just have fun and share that story with us!  Whatever you would like to share, we would love to see it. 

Just send anything you would like to share to my email: or email Mrs Wraith:


Get sharing!

Just for you, a challenge from Mrs McGowan.



A small book for a small person

The very first work author Charlotte Brontë created was a miniature book containing a short story written for her baby sister Anne. Written and stitched together when Charlotte was just 12 years old, it was one of many tiny handmade books made by Charlotte and her siblings. The later books were made for and about the children’s toy soldiers.



As you can see, it is National Share a Story month and I would like you to make a miniature story book, measuring 5.5cm x 4cm. Well I did say miniature!

It can be a recipe book , a favourite story of yours,a poetry book, a non-fiction book. Up to you.


Some support on Tools and Materials is available on, Discovering children's books/activities/make a miniature book.

Don't worry if you haven't got all the resources they suggest, just have a go and let us see your finished book.


Now let me see ,what will I put in mine? Any guesses? laugh




Mrs McGowan says hello

Still image for this video

Maths Challenges


Have a go at these Maths challenges this week.

Have a go at the work for Summer Term Week 2 which re-cap angles in quadrilaterals (which always add up to 360 degrees) and regular polygons before moving onto problem solving.

As always, let me know if you are struggling with anything.

Click the link to take you to the videos and resources.

Here's another quick daily activity to flex those mental Maths muscles with.

5 quick fire mental arithmetic questions per day. The answers are included to help you check how you did too.

Mental Maths Fluent-in-Five Challenge

English Challenge: Arguments


Animal experts are calling on zoos to stop taking on new elephants as a study shows they don't live as long as if they were in the wild. But other people say zoos provide an important conservation role, making sure that elephants and other animals are safeguarded for the future. But what do you think of zoos? Do you think they help us understand more about animals and look after some species that are dying out in the wild? Or do you think it's wrong for animals to be kept in cages in the first place?


Your challenge this week is to write an argument answering the question: should animals be kept in zoos?

This can be a one-sided argument in favour of zoos or against zoos, or, if you fancy more of a challenge, could be a balanced argument that discusses both sides of the debate.

Include an introduction to introduce and explain your argument, and a conclusion to reinforce the key ideas and wrap your argument up. Play with the reader's emotions and make your arguments emotive and persuasive too.

Make sure you PEE all over your work too! Yep, you read that correctly. PEE. By that I mean use the PEE structure of Point Example Explanation when writing each paragraph in your argument, not the other kind of PEE.

Check out the resources to help you part for a few examples of arguments, techniques and other helpful pointers.


Try to include these skills:

Relative clauses


Fronted adverbials

Subordinate clauses and subordinating conjunctions

Emotive language

Linking adverbs

Should zoos be banned?

#Teacher beef!

Still image for this video
Are zoos good or bad? Who do you agree with: Mr Brown or Miss Geeson?



Who do you agree with? Make your choice.
MR.BROWN - Zoos are BAD. MISS.GEESON - Zoos are GOOD.
Matilda (both), Alexia(both)

Matilda(both), Danielle, Izaac,

Cyrah-Leigh, Callum, Alexia(both)

Danielle, Callum and Cyrah-Leigh are both on Miss Geeson's side (the wrong side!)

Project work: VE Day Celebrations


This week we are going to pause our project work on evolution and resume this next week. Instead we are going to focus on VE day and commemorating the 75th Anniversary as the celebrations for this are taking place this week.

If you are having a VE day party in your own home, or have any plans or are doing any activities linked to VE day, then email me a picture of what you are up to.


Here are a range of VE day challenges to have a go at:


Task 1: Research and create notes on VE day.

What is it? Why is it important? Why are we celebrating the 75th anniversary this week?

There are some resources that might provide a starting point for your research.


Check out Riley and Cyrah's brilliant VE day research

Task 2: Design your own VE day medal. Take a look at the example document below for a few ideas.

You could even have a go at making it too! 

Create it out of cardboard or use any materials you have available. 

Task 3: Design your own commemorative tea cup to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE day.

Check out the resource below for a few ideas and a teacup template.

Design a commemorative tea cup

Task 4: Feeling especially arty? Create your own piece of VE day artwork.

It could be in the style of Lowry and his own painting of the celebrations 'VE Day' or you could produce a collage, painting or silhouette picture. The choice is yours.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Lucas's VE day celebrations

Lucas's VE day celebrations 1
Lucas's VE day celebrations 2
Lucas's VE day celebrations 3



Let's get singing!

The RSNO have set some brilliant music challenges, have a go at creating a CANON with your family. You can use the example given or make up your own............

I can't wait to see (and hear) your videos !

#RSNOchallenge 5 - Sing in Canon

Sing in canon with RSNO Junior Chorus Director Patrick Barrett. Photograph or film your #RSNOchallenge and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter! Sponsored...

Also, Katherine Jenkins has teamed up with Dame Vera Lynn to re-release the wartime classic 'We'll Meet Again', to help raise funds for the NHS at this troubled time.

Have a listen......

We'll Meet Again (NHS Charity Single)

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group We'll Meet Again (NHS Charity Single) · Vera Lynn · Katherine Jenkins We'll Meet Again ℗ A Decca Records recordi...

Additional Support and Learning - BBC Bitesize and Oak National School Online Classroom


Are you looking for a little bit of something extra?

Again, this is entirely optional, but excellent if you are hungry for a little bit more learning or after a bit more support in a certain area of your learning.

Here are 2 brilliant websites that contain some additional learning resources that are highly recommended. Each one contains a variety of daily lessons, complete with supporting videos and some questions to have a go at.

Take a look, see if you would find it useful and have a go.


BBC Bitesize

The schedule and link for this week are below.

BBC Bitesize Schedule

BBC Bitesize Schedule 1

Oak National Academy Online Classroom

Similar to BBC Bitesize, there are teaching videos and a few tasks for each day.


Just follow the link below.