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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Weekly Learning Challenges 23rd May - 29th May (Half Term)

Weekly Learning Challenges 


Feel free to send anything you have done to

Although there are plenty of activities, you do not have to do them all. Do as much or as little as you like and have a go at whichever ones appeal to you the most.

It would be great to hear what you have been up to and see what you have been working on.


It is half term this week so alongside (or instead of) a few challenges, there are also a few activity ideas for you to enjoy:


Hello Eagles,

Quick question from Mrs McGowan

Who is interested in anything to do with space?

Space Launch-this week !

SpaceX postponed NASA astronaut launch.

With grey clouds above and choppy waves in the Atlantic, SpaceX called off a rocket launch for NASA that was to be the first to take American astronauts to orbit from American soil in nearly ten years.

The lift off time could not be changed because the Spacecraft must be able to meet up with International Space Station.

The next opportunities to launch are Saturday 30th May at 8:22 p.m – UK time.

According to reports, the weather forecast means that the Crew Dragon spacecraft will be visible above the UK.

It should be passing Britain heading from west to east for around three or four minutes, about 15 minutes after launch (so roughly 8.37pm if the Saturday launch goes ahead. Fingers crossed!

How do you think the astronauts are feeling. What emotions? They are going into a new experience and may well well have a mixture of emotions. Does that remind you of anyone?

Half Term Fun Ideas

Here's a selection of brilliant activities that you could have a go at.

Open up the PDF file and choose one of the fun activities (or grab a pair of dice and take a chance).

Remember when the Desert Rats visited us earlier on in the year? Have an interest in thee military?

Have a go at some of the fun activities in this booklet.

Have any spare boxes at home? Have a go at some of these fantastic crafty activities.

Just follow the web link for instructions on how to make these along with some other great activities.

Looking for something a little more academic? Check out these challenges below:

Sea Turtle Report Challenge

Did you know that 23rd May is Sea Turtle Day? No, neither did I? These fascinating creatures have been around for over 100 million years (nearly as long as Miss Geeson)!

I would like you to take a look at the video below and write me an information report all about Sea Turtles, I expect to see lots of facts as there are so many varieties. Remember a good report needs:


Subject specific vocabulary

Visual information

Facts versus opinion

Factual research

and , of course, all of the literacy devices we have learnt this year.

I look forward to seeing your reports.

Sea Turtle

Fun Project Ideas: Design A Dinosaur


Everyone loves dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are awesome.

We have learnt all about evolution and adaptation, and we are all familiar with Jurassic Park.

In the more recent Jurassic world film, the scientists combine adaptation features and dinosaurs to create the Indominus Rex.

As a bit of fun, why not design your own ultimate dinosaur with a range of adaptations (these can be taken from any animal or dinosaur - just like the scientists did with the Indominus Rex).

Want to get creative? Make your dinosaur! Papier mache, clay, salt dough - the choice is yours!


Feeling a bit more of a theme park creator? Design your own Jurassic Park!


A lot of changes will be happening over the next few weeks and we are beginning to look at supporting you with your transitions to secondary school. There are some links on our class home page for you to look at and we will be doing lots of work either via home or in class, whichever you have chosen. This week we are looking at feelings and how you can cope with the feelings surrounding change. I would like you to think about some of the things you could do to help yourself and your friends, if things begin to feel overwhelming. And don't forget , we are here if you need to talk.





We are following on from our art challenge last week.

After we looked at using recycled waste to create powerful images of how pollution is damaging our oceans. I would like you to watch this RSNO video and create 3 instruments using recycled products. Once you have done this you need to compose and perform me a short song about pollution and how, if we take action now, we can help the oceans recover.

Obviously, as you are making 3 instruments you will need 3 band members...come on Mums, Dads and siblings. Get your grooves on.

I need video evidence please.

RSNOchallenge 9 - Recycled Percussion

Create your own percussion instruments out of your recycling .



Get yourself moving and get active! Have a go at some of these brilliant videos for a fantastic workout.

The Fortnite Dance Workout


Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Awesome Rainbows (Dance-A-Long)