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Attendance News: It seems that we are cursed with illness yet again, another week below our aim of 96%. with school attendance at 90.62%. Weekly attendance winners this week with 95.67% and keeping it for another week is Doves. Well done.

Week 5

This week we read the book Walking Through the Jungle. We went on our own jungle walk to see what we could see and hear and wrote sentences about what we saw. This was lots of fun. We saw a monkey swinging through the trees, a leopard creeping up a tree, a parrot sitting in a tree and lots more. 

In maths this week we learnt about capacity and learned the new words, full, empty, almost full, almost empty and half full. We ordered bottles according to how full they were and looked at different sized spoons when filling a dish with sand. We all decided that we would choose the big spoon if we were eating chocolate ice cream because it had a larger capacity so we would get more ice cream!

We also enjoyed yoga in the hall.