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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

W/C 19th April

Your learning challenges for this week are:


Dinosaur Challenge!
If we were at school, our new topic would be Dazzling Dinosaurs. Your challenge is to find out all about a dinosaur and create a fact file. Choose your favourite dinosaur or a new one and use the internet, books or cbeebies Andy's dinosaur adventures (available on youtube and iplayer) to find out facts and write about them. Draw a picture of the dinosaur and tell me how big they were, what did the eat, what colour etc. 
Send me photos of your super writing and drawing. Remember to sound out the words carefully.
Mrs Joesbury

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Maths challenge
Choose 2 dinosaurs, teddies or toys and carefully count out 10 sweeties. Can you share the sweeties between the 2 dinosaurs or teddies so they have the same amount? How many do they have each?
Repeat using a different number of sweets maybe 12, 14 or 8? How many do they have each?

If you are really good at this try sharing out 11 sweeties. Can you work out how to equally share 11 between your dinosaurs?

If you are good at sharing between 2 dinosaurs try sharing sweeties between 3 dinosaurs. Share 12 sweeties between 3 dinosaurs. How many do they have each?

Let me know how you get on by sending me a picture or a message.
Mrs Joesbury

Make a fossil

We know all about dinosaurs from fossils we have found. Make your own dinosaur fossil using the instructions below. Don't forget to send me a picture!