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School is busy starting plans for our return.

W/C 18th May

This week's new learning challenges are:


Literacy - I have found a brilliant new book called Dear Dinosaur. Listen to the story here

A little boy writes a letter to a T-Rex and the T-rex replies to his letter and becomes his friend. I want you to write a letter to a dinosaur. What would you like to ask the dinosaur? Would you want to ask what games they liked to play? Would you ask what was their favourite food? Send me your letters.


Your Maths challenge this week is addition.

Roll a die and count out that number of objects. Roll again and count out that number of objects. Can you add them together to see how many you have altogether? If you are feeling really clever you can write the number sentence that goes with it e.g. 3 + 3 = 6 

If you don't have a die you can make one using a cube template as below.

If you are feeling really clever you could have a go at some subtraction or taking away. Count out 10 objects, roll a die and take away that many. how many do you have left? If you are really clever you could write the number sentence 10 - 6 = 4 


This week I would like you to make a dinosaur fossil picture using either pasta or cotton buds like the examples below. You can choose any dinosaur you like either a flying dinosaur such as a pterodactyl or a long neck dinosaur like a brontosaurus or a mean one like a T-Rex. You decide. Send me your pictures.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our Fantastic Work

Our Fantastic Work 1 Brilliant adding using a die Oliver
Our Fantastic Work 2 Poppy wrote a letter to the dinosaur
Our Fantastic Work 3 Super letter Poppy!
Our Fantastic Work 4 Poppy did some adding using a die
Our Fantastic Work 5 Rocco has been doing his addition work
Our Fantastic Work 6 Brilliant number sentences Rocco!
Our Fantastic Work 7
Our Fantastic Work 8 Daniel has been using a die to subtract numbers
Our Fantastic Work 9 Florence has been doing addition number sentences
Our Fantastic Work 10 Florence made a dinosaur fossil picture