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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!




What came first, the chicken or the egg?


What came first?

Can you answer this time old question , as we set off on our journey through EVOLUTION. 

The questions we are investigating are :


1. Who is Charles Darwin and why is he so famous ?

2. Can fish really fly ?

3. Which birds beak is the best?

4. What do we know about evolution ? 

5. Are we fit to survive ?

6. Are we human , animal or bird ?


It's SATs , SATs , SATs , as we consolidate all of our GPS learning  in readiness for those tricky tests . We will be fine tuning our comprehension skills , learning to find and extract all the information  we need to answer the reading questions. We will also be revising everything we have learnt in GPS , with lots of 10 minute testing. 


DRIP , DRIP , DRIP  is the sound of our math for the first three weeks , as we continue to embedd all of those number skills we have been learning. Remember , make those connections in number to help you with a wide range of reasoning problems . Fractions , decimals and % all link together . Use the inverse to check , check ,check . KFC . Burger method . The fraction dance ( / by the bottom and X by the top) . BIDMAS . Times Tables. These will all help you.

And most importantly, ANNOTATE , ANNOTATE , ANNOTATE !

We will also continue to do our weekly arithmetic tests to push up those scores .



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