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School reopens on Monday 19th April 2021, after the Easter break.


Project Work 


What came first, the chicken or the egg?



Can you answer this time old question , as we set off on our journey through EVOLUTION. 

The questions we are investigating are :


1. Who is Charles Darwin and why is he so famous ?

2. Can fish really fly ?

3. Which birds beak is the best?

4. What do we know about evolution ? 

5. Are we fit to survive ?

6. Are we human , animal or bird ?


It's SATs , SATs , SATs , as we consolidate all of our GPS learning  in readiness for those tricky tests . We will be fine tuning our comprehension skills , learning to find and extract all the information  we need to answer the reading questions. We will also be revising everything we have learnt in GPS , with lots of 10 minute testing.  We will be looking at some finding our more about Charles Darwin and writing a biography for him plus Mary Annings using the book 'Fossil Girl' 


DRIP , DRIP , DRIP  is the sound of our math for the first three weeks , as we continue to embed all of those number skills we have been learning. Remember , make those connections in number to help you with a wide range of reasoning problems . Fractions , decimals and % all link together . Use the inverse to check , check ,check . KFC . Burger method . The fraction dance ( / by the bottom and X by the top) . BIDMAS . Times Tables. These will all help you.

And most importantly, ANNOTATE , ANNOTATE , ANNOTATE !

We will also continue to do our weekly arithmetic tests to push up those scores .



We will be looking at how animals adapt to their environment and understand the science behind this using some of Charles Darwin's scientific theories, including; natural selection.