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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Summer 2

Welcome to our class page for Summer 2 -


 How does Usain Bolt run so quickly?



Our topic this term is science based and we will be exploring our body's muscles, joints and organs.  


How long will it take you to run 100m?

How does the arm joint work and can you

make a similar joint?

What role does the muscle have in helping the

arm to move?

How does the food we eat get transported

around our body?

Can you sketch the position that
Usain Bolt is

in from ‘on your marks to go’?

How can you create a movement that links six

different balances, using your body?

From photographs of your

balances explain
how the skeleton and

muscles link to support you.






In literacy we will be looking at creative fiction writing.  We will use the story mountain to explore how excitement is introduced into a story.

We will develop our skills in prediction and characterisation through our class readers Running Shoes and Cool.



Don't forget our weekly spelling test.




In numeracy we will start the term by looking at angles.  We will then move onto the properties of shapes, then measurement focusing upon mass and capacity.


There will also be opportunities to revisit some of the year's trickier topics of fractions, telling the time and problem solving.

Don't forget to keep practising your timestables on the TT Rockstars website.








Oliver -  Independent  - super answers to reasoning questions!

Harry - Confident - his fear of climbing was overcome!