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Well done to both the Boy and Girl football teams on their latest win!



We will be continuing our work on World War II but concentrating more on the lives of children in both England Germany . We will look at how children in Germany were affected and especially those of Jewish families during the Holocaust .

We will be asking questions such as :


  • Who was the boy in the striped pyjamas?
  • How were children affected in England and Germany in WW2?
  • What was the Kinder transport?
  • Who were the Jews?
  • What was the Holocaust?

In English, we will continue our work on 'Letter from the Lighthouse.  We will then move onto another short animation to inspire our work called 'Piano'. Our work will use these to help us write to persuade, debate and report.  Our guided reading text will be 'Boy in the Striped Pajamas' and will give us an insight into the Holocaust in Germany. We will also use the book Benno and the Night of Broken Glass to extend our inference skills.

Our maths this half term will all be about fun . We will consolidate the four operations and apply this to our work . Hopefully the weather will let us get outside lots , so we can do lots of mathematical investigations using our Forest Schools areas . Shape and measure , perimeter and area will feature heavily in this.

We will look more closely at habitats within our school grounds and collect data on the things that live there. We will then have a go at building our how bug hotel using the data we have collected. 

We will be continuing in the vein of Henry Moore  but moving onto sculpture, creating our own wire poppies to remember our fallen heroes. We will also be building a free standing model of a soldier from tin foil. Using our outside area we will be working, in teams to build hardy air raid shelters and seeing if they withstand a bombing raid. We will also design and build a diarama of an air raid shelter in class.