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Have a wonderful summer...from all the Annesley Staff. Good luck to the children who have left us, to move to other schools.

Summer 1 - Quality Quotes

Quality Quotes.

Jacob -Our caravan got nicked...

Miss.Geeson - Was it a static ? 

Jacob - No, it didn't move .


Jacob - We stayed in a hotel called The Cliff.

Mrs.Wraith - Was it on a cliff?

Jacob - No , it was down an alley.


Mrs.Wraith - Where did you go on holiday to ?

Jacob - I don't know but it was further than Amory.


Sam - I can't play golf arms are too short... 


Amory (on residential) - What is a duvet?


Amory (on residential , again) - Mrs.Wraith, I've put my pillow sheet on by myself!


Chelsea (residential) - What is a baby lamb called?

(that would be a lamb , Chelsea!)


Miya (abseiling) - I can't do this...............wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!..........


Miss.Geeson - You can either follow Mr.Eccleston into the cave or stay here with me...

Cody - Ill follow Mr.Eccleston!