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School finishes at 3.30p.m. on Friday 27th May for the half term break. This is followed directly by an INSET Day on 6th June.



Be your own Label 





    What does fashion mean to you?

    How has fashion changed over time and why?

    What different material are used to make clothes and what are their properties?

    How are their different properties useful?

    Have we always used polyester in our clothes?

    Does Nottingham have any link to fashion?

    This half term we are going to become fashion designers - designing, making and branding our own sports wear. We will be be thinking about what is needed to become a leading sports wear brand, what sells and how we can appeal to our target audience. We will think about colours, comfort and durability and make our designs from scratch with the help of a local seamstress, who will be teaching us how to use sewing machines. We will incorporate tie-dye and colour washing to make our designs stand out from the crowd.

    We are hoping to end our term with a fashion show at a local senior school. 

    We have enjoyed a visit from Jayne, from Cre@te Studios, to discuss colour mixing in textiles. We will also be visiting her studio over the next few weeks.





      We will be fine tuning our comprehension skills and developing our understanding of why authors use a variation of persuasive devices in their writing . In writing we will look at using more sophisticated punctuation to improve our work.  We will be using the book 'Along came Coco' as our main focus  and  applying our GPS knowledge to improve the flow of our narrative writing.   We will also be writing our own instructions.

    As SATs are fast approaching we will be consolidating all those gaps in our grammar, learning and making sure we are familiar with those tricky spelling rules .


    Reasoning questions will be the main focus of this half term. We will learn to ANNOTATE, ANNOTATE, ANNOTATE and make sure we follow every step (remember, some questions have up to 5 steps before you get to the answer). We will carry on with our weekly arithmetic tests , to grab those easy marks and our times table challenges. We will also look at co-ordinates , data handling , reflection , symmetry and translation .

    We will spend our time looking at how our body works looking closely at the heart and how it works with lungs in the circulatory system.  We will be having a go at dissecting a pigs heart to give us a better understanding of the different chambers.  

    This half term we will be finding out about street art and grafitti art. We will be studying different artists, such as: Keith Haring, Banksy, Lichtenstein and Invader. We will design our own tags and art work to be used in our fashion show.