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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!




Which flavours sell well and why?

Designing our chocolate boxes , will yours be fit for purpose?

Creating our unique brand of chocolate .

Branding and design, how can we make our product popular?

Using our designs to create our chocolate boxes .





  We will be fine tuning our comprehension skills and developing our understanding of why authors use a variation of persuasive devices in their writing . In writing we will look at using more sophisticated punctuation to improve our work.  We will be using the book 'Boy in the Tower' as our main focus  and  apply our GPS knowledge to improve the flow of our narrative writing.   We will also be writing our own instructions.

As SATs are fast approaching we will be consolidating all those gaps in our grammar, learning and making sure we are familiar with those tricky spelling rules .


Reasoning questions will be the main focus of this half term, we will learn to ANNOTATE, ANNOTATE, ANNOTATE and make sure we follow every step (remember, some questions have up to 5 steps before you get to the answer). We will carry on with our weekly arithmetic tests , to grab those easy marks and our times table challenges. We will also look at co-ordinates , data handling , reflection , symmetry and translation .

02/03/2020 - Finding the volume of shapes using cubes.

03/03/2020 - Learning about the Circulatory System for Science.


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05/03/2020 - World Book Day

10/03/2020 - Outdoor Learning Week, finding and describing a leaf using precision language. Then, in maths, creating 2d shapes.