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The children finish school on Tuesday 26th July 2022 and return on Thursday 1st September 2022.


Sir David Attenborough

This half term we will be looking at the life of Sir David Attenborough and how he has influenced the way we look at the environment, we will be doing this through looking at the history of our own area and contrasting that with that of other countries outside Europe. We will be using and developing our computer skills to research Sir David Attenborough. We will also be looking at the weather and how it changes throughout the year and in different parts of the world.

We will be using the books to help us improve our writing, we will be continuing to work on all the skills we need to become better writers like; our handwriting, capital letters, full stops and commas, writing great descriptive stories using noun phrases, adjectives and verbs. Through visual stimulus, practical sessions, role-play we will continue to strive to be the best writers that we can be. 


We will also be concentrating on improving our reading skills, not only reading the words fluently which is important but also improving our inference, and prediction skills which will help with our journey through school.

This half term we will be re-visiting money and our addition and subtraction skills but also venturing into multiplication and division. We will also be looking at fractions and measurement where will get to weigh, measure and calculate lots of different items. We will be exploring all this through visual, concrete and practical activities. 

As we are looking and concentrating on Sir David Attenborough we will be looking at different animals and their habitats and how they are endangered and also looking at how humans and animals need certain things to survive and what may occur if we do not have those things. There will be a lots of practical activities, experiments and lots of fun science.