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Attendance News: It seems that we are cursed with illness yet again, another week below our aim of 96%. with school attendance at 90.62%. Weekly attendance winners this week with 95.67% and keeping it for another week is Doves. Well done.


Working with money this week, puts a real value to maths!

Chance to steal a bit of quality writing time!!!

Dark is the absence of light!

French this week - Wow c'etait fantastique

What do archaeologists do?

For this spring term, in maths, we will be carrying on with multiplication and division and then moving into statistics and looking at measurement.


In English, we will be covering recounts (newspapers) non-chronological reports, narratives and explanation texts.


For science will be looking at the light and then moving onto forces and magnets.


In computing, we will be covering Word processing skills and all the skills to be able to produce documents for our learning.


Art will be looking at Keith Haring and his creative approaches and applying this to the Stone Age, which will be our history and geography focus.


Alongside PEFrench, RE and music, it will be a super term!