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Spring 2


Welcome to our class page for Spring 2 - 

How does that blossom become an apple?





What is Blossom and why is it so important to the fruit we grow?

Can you make a presentation to show that life cycle of an Apple?

Could we grow any fruit in this country,  if not why not?

 What happens to the water that you put into the soil to help plant growth?

 What do we mean by seed dispersal and why is it so important for our plants?

 Why is it so important for us to look after the bees in our country?







Studying the class read: James and the Giant Peach. The children will be using role-play and freeze frames to look at characters' feelings. Working as small groups to consider these to create more ambitious sentence level work. Moving through diary entries in character towards non-chronological reports about animals and insects to do with our topic of growth. Finally, poetry...Finally


and the giant Peach. We will be looking at recounts and also creating non-chronological report




In numeracy, we will be looking at length and measure using cm, mm and m to look at measuring shapes and lines and perimeter. And then working out missing numbers from perimeter. Finishing off with fractions.