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It is so good to see you all back with us!

Spring 2

Welcome Back!

We hope you have had a fantastic two weeks break, with your wonderful children, and you are all bright and ready to start a New Year! 
We have a lot to get through the next two terms, but we can do it!

Over the next few months we have lots of exciting things planned to inspire your children!  Keep login, as pictures will be updated on a regularly basis.  

For the next two terms we are learning all about Annesley - Past and Present. 

These are just a few of the questions the children will be exploring:

What's it like to live in Annesley?  

Where is Sherwood Forest?  Who was Robin Hood? Was he a hero or a villain?  Was he a myth or a legend? What local heroes do you know?  What makes a hero? What is a hero? 

What is a Coal Mine?  Why did we need them?  How is coal formed?   How does light travel? 


In literacy we will be looking at instructions and SATs based revision.  


Our focus during numeracy will be column addition and subtraction and fractions.


Our main focus in history will be coal mines and Robin Hood (myth or legend?)


During our science lessons we will explore the properties of materials and light and dark.


Geography will be based around our local area and the environment. 

If you want to find out any more information on what we have planned over the next few months, then please ask.


If you need any extra homework, support or guidance then please pop into school, or make a note in your child's diary.