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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Spring 2

Outdoor Learning Day

Come rain or shine we took our learning outside

and had a great time.


                                    Our wet number line!

What a way to learn our multiples of 5! We filled our gloves with water then had fun getting wet as we chanted them together.

What are mammals?

In Science we have been learning how we can put animals into groups. We went outside with a pile of sticks and worked together to create a large whale on the playground.

Did you know, whales are hairy and have real babies?

                    Lots of mammal drawings using chalk.

     Putting the adjective before the noun.

Using our binoculars we searched for different adjectives to describe our noun. We found lots -green leaves,bumpy wall,wavy trees,rubber tyre,big playground,pretty flowers,spring daffodils and many more. 


                   Home Learning

When your child is confident on the spelling list that they are on, move onto the next list. List Order

Whole of list one 

Two (A)

Two (B) 

Two (C)

Whole of list Two


List Two is the year 2 requirement! I haven't included beyond that. The next lists require more teaching of phonics and spelling patterns. There will be plenty of time to learn these when we all return to school. If your child is able to spell all of list 2, then they are already well beyond where they need to be. 

Spelling List 1