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Wednesday 28th of July is an inset day so please remember children break up for the summer holidays on Tuesday 27th July 2021

Spring 2


Ruben - Ambitious - Ruben you have been very ambitious this week, you have only just passed one spelling list and you tried so hard on your new list, only getting a few wrong on your first test! Well done Ruben, Keep it up!



Macaulee - Respectful - Macaulee you have come back after half term with a whole new attitude, you have been respectful towards all adults and you are ready to learn! Keep it up!



Cobi - Ambitious! Cobi we are so impressed with how ambitious you have been with your homework, your Robin Hood project is full of interesting facts and you even visited the major oak too! Well done Cobi!


Benjamin - Ambitious! We were also very impressed with your homework Benjamin! You took time out of your half term break to learn facts about our local area and use them to make your own fact book. You were so excited and proud to share it with the teachers, Well done Benjamin!