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Welcome to Annesley Primary School. Well done everyone, an amazing week for attendance with most classes achieving our aim of 96%. As a school we achieved an attendance of 96.09%, above our target. The winners of this weeks attendance trophy is Doves with 98%. Well done.


Over the course of this term, we will cover:


We are focusing on stories in a historical setting (the Victorian era) such as Oliver and writing our own narrative.

We will also be looking at Charles Darwin's voyages and using his experiences to write diary entries and non-chronological reports.


We will be looking at co-ordinates before moving on to working with decimals and percentages, and learning how to confidently convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.


For the first part of this term we will be looking at evolution, inheritance and adaptation. We will be exploring Charles Darwin's discoveries and how living things have evolved over time and how they have developed the characteristics that they have today.

For the second part of this term, we will be looking at electricity, building on the electrical knowledge that we have gained in previous year groups. 


We will be looking at developing our computing and word processing skills, using the Microsoft Office programs Word and Excel.


We are focusing on the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution, looking at innovations and inventions that changed the world.


We are looking at the features of the globe, such as human and physical geographical features, lines of lattitude and longitude and deserts and canals of the world.


We will be focusing on pencil sketches and shading techniques, basing our work upon Charles Darwin's observational sketches.


Linking to our electricity work in Science, we will be incorporating circuits into a product of our own design.


Our R.E. focus for this term is community, religious beliefs as part of the community and tolerance of others.


The first part of this term will be spent looking at dreams and goals. In the second half of the term, we will be spent exploring our own health and well-being.

14/03/2023 - Today we visited Reverend Hazel to learn about All Saints Church and their involvement in our local community.

03/03/2023 - We have been working in groups to write non-chronological reports about creatures who may live in NeverBelieve.

23/02/2023 - Designing our own creatures that could live in the land of Neverbelieve, for our non-chronological reports, in English

02/02/2023 - perfecting our sketching techniques.

17/1/23 - The dreaded multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

13/1/23 - In I.T we have been learning to use Excel to create different graphs.

06/01/2023 - In Geography we have looked at the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.