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Attendance News: It seems that we are cursed with illness yet again, another week below our aim of 96%. with school attendance at 90.62%. Weekly attendance winners this week with 95.67% and keeping it for another week is Doves. Well done.


Year 5 Spring Curriculum Overview

Flowering plant dissection

Last session on the lage apparatus

Becoming museum curators and discussing Viking artefacts...

Still image for this video

Improper to mixed number fractions

Our final brooches

Making prototypes in clay

Using playdough to make viking brooch prototypes

Over this term, we will cover: 



Children will read different Viking Saga and have a go at writing their own.  They will put themselves into a Viking's shoes and write a diary.  They will also create their own set of instructions. 



Children will spend most of the term working with fractions, learning how to add and subtract them and linking this to decimals and percentages.  They will also continue their working on dividing and multiplying.  




Children will complete two units of work in Science, the first half term looking at forces including gravity and air resistance.  Then the second half term looking at Living things including their life cycles and reproduction. 



We will how to safe using technology. 



Children will learn about the Vikings, their settlements and explore some Viking artefacts. 





Children will look at the importance of water and rivers and why many settlements were based around water. 



We will explore Viking jewellery and use clay to recreate our own designs.  Learning how to use slab, slip and coils to create the finished product. 



Children will learn about how different flours and yeast is used to make bread.  We will have a visitor, who will help us to design and make our very own Viking flat bread. 




Children will learn more about the main beliefs of Muslims and Hindus and their Gods. 





In the first half term, children will be discussing their dreams and goals.  In the second half term, we will learn more about how we can keep healthy. 




Children will learn about French hobbies and learn how to have basic conversations about their own hobbies in French.



Children will learn how to sing in two and three parts.  Children will use instruments to accompany the singing and learn how to keep a melody using staff notation.