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Spring 1


Welcome to our class page for Spring 1

How far can you throw your shadow


How can you show that your shadow changes

according to the position of the Sun?

Why do footballers in a night match often have

four shadows?

How can you explain the relationship between the Sun

and the Moon

(in terms of lighting up

the moon)?

How can you design and make a periscope to show how light reflects?

How can you set up an experiment to show

how shiny things respond in the dark?

Can you create a piece of art which shows

reflection of light on water?



In literacy we will be looking at a version from J.M. Barrie's classic … Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. We will use this text to look at different learning objectives, ending with the children writing their own adventure story. We are using this classic book to look at the features and the way in which the author uses different techniques to 'Hook' (get the joke...well your children will at the end of the half term!) the reader. Alongside this, we will be looking at grammar and spelling. JM Barrie makes his work really interesting by starting sentences in different ways. He uses suspense, speech, adjectives and similes to create long and short sentences. This is something that the children will be focusing on for their own writing. It will be great fun...but watch out for the crocodile!



Numeracy will start with looking at multiplication and division for the first few weeks. Developing mental approaches and using formal methods to complete calculations. Then we will move on to measurement and using money. Ending with statistics and who knows Peter Pan may well show up here too!