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Please stay safe and well. See class pages for home learning ideas. Teachers have given their email addresses to each class for contact during school closure. They are loving the videos, pictures and messages that have been sent, please keep them coming, they are keeping us sane, as we are missing each and every one of you.

Spring 1 - Quality Quotes

"Year 6 Quality Quotes "





Callum F

My birthday is on an INSECT day.



Matilda: I was bored this morning, so I killed my cat...

Miss Geeson: !!!!!!!!!!!WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matilda:  CURLED MY HAIR!!!!




When are we doing SPAINISH ?



I have been on MathAids....doing some maths (!!!!!!!?)


Mr.Brown - Have you ever heard of the famous musician David Bowie ?

Riley - Is he off of Love Island ?



Can you even call the people off Love Island celebrities?


Mr.Brown - Who said 'with great power comes great responsibility'.

Ellie - Boris Johnson.



When I was little I thought gravestones were made from gravy.


Harley: What would we weigh you in Mr.Brown?

Jayden: Tonnes!!


Whilst feeding Cornflake his mousey snack.

Riley: This smells like beef !

Lara: I'm not being funny ...but it actually does !!!


Mr.Henshaw - Pick a number between 1. And 4

Shaylen - 7!!