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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Spring 1 - Archie Bear

Archie Bear 


Introducing Archie Bear, our new school mascot . 


We will ‘Achieve with Archie’, if we are:


Ambitious - encouraging children to have aspirations and have ambitions to ‘dream the big dream’. To try, try and try again, even when things are challenging.

Respectful - treating others how they would like to be treated. 

Confident - preparing our children for a world which is changing every day, to tackle new things with confidence.

Honest -  telling the truth, to say what we mean and do what we say we are going to do.

Independent - foster a love of learning and promote independence and encourage questioning.

Equal - celebrate the difference and individuality of others.








10/01/2020 - JOE and GRACE. Your project work on the Mayans is brilliant, you are researching and already building up a bank of facts. Well done.

17/01/2020 - CALLUM B. You are the winner of our annual chocolate competition, just pipping someone else with the answers. But, you then very kindly offered to share your prize. Well done.

24/01/2020 - EMILY. You are being ambitious, asking for extra work and then nagging me to mark it and give you more. Well done.

31/01/2020 - CYRAH-LEIGH. You have been showing great confidence in both Maths and reading , this week. Getting involved in our class discussions, with some great input. Well done.

07/02/2020 - MOLLY. Ambitious and independent, you are always these things . But this week, in your writing, you have excelled. Well done.

14/02/2020 - LARA, SARAH and EMILY, your bake off cakes were a big hit with us. IZAAC , your 3D Mayan mask is amazing. Well done.