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Spring 1

8th February

Riley W, wow!  Your handwriting has massively improved over the last few months.  Your have persevered and practised to form your letters correctly.  Well done Riley.  Keep up the hard work.  


1st February

Limara, you wowed us all away with your ambitious vocabulary in your literacy work.  You are extremely ambitious and you are always striving to do your best.  Keep up the good work! 


18th January

Alfie, you are a mathematical ‘whiz’.  You not only recalled all you number bonds to 10, but also to 20.  Keep on accepting all the challenges that we are giving you,  well done! 


11th January 

Poppy, you worked independently to write about the different stages of the life cycle of a chicken.  You used specific vocabulary and all your letters sat on the line.   Well done!  Keep up the good work.