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Well done to both the Boy and Girl football teams on their latest win!


What came first, the chicken or the egg?


Can you answer this time old question , as we set off on our journey through EVOLUTION. 

The questions we are investigating are :


1. Who is Charles Darwin and why is he so famous ?

2. Can fish really fly ?

3. Which birds beak is the best?

4. What do we know about evolution ? 

5. Are we fit to survive ?

6. Are we human , animal or bird ?

 We will be fine tuning our comprehension skills and developing our understanding of why authors use a variation of persuasive devices in their writing . In writing we will look at using more sophisticated punctuation to improve our work.  We will be   applying our GPS knowledge to improve the flow of our narrative writing.   We will also be writing our own instructions.



Our maths will be getting progressively more tricky, reasoning being the main focus . We will look at fractions and remind ourselves how to compare and order them, plus use all the four operations when working with fractions.  We will learn how to systematically tackle those four and five step questions . Most of the work for this half term will be centered around shape and measure.  We will continue to do our weekly arithmetic tests and daily times table challenges to help your pace .

We will be looking at how animals adapt to their environment and understand the science behind this using some of Charles Darwin's scientific theories, including; natural selection. 

We will be learning about the artist Barry Van Dusen and his watercolour bird portraits. We will be looking at the skills to be a portrait artist and how to use watercolours effectively. We aim to produce out own paintings of Darwins finches, in line with this terms project.