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All Remote Learning is accessed via DOJO. SCHOOL IS CLOSED ON FRIDAY 5TH MARCH, but then reopens to ALL pupils on 8th March 2021.

Spring 1

Our topic this half-term is Animal Parade.


We will look at different places animals live, how animals stay warm and our own pets among other things this half term.



Our Questions this half term are


Wk 1- Which animals live in cold places?

Wk 2- How do they stay warm?

Wk 3- Who lives in the jungle?

Wk 4- Which animals would you find in a zoo?

Wk 5 - Who lives on a farm?

Wk 6 - What pets do you have?

We are in lockdown again sad

All work will be set using Class Dojo, if you have any problems accessing 

the work or need some support uploading photos and videos please message Miss Wren on Dojo or drop her an Email.