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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!

Spring 1


Our  Archie people this Spring term are :


10th January 2020


George isn't a huge fan of writing and had to move a group, but he rose to the challenge and produced his best writing so far! Well done


10th January 2020 


Caitlin is a hidden gem with her numeracy. She is picking up new skills very quickly. Caitlin you are confident.


17th January 2020


Gracie has been determined to crack split digraphs! She has been searching or  them all week .Great effort Gracie.


24th January 2020


Emily is working hard to improve her presentation and slow down her reading so that she follows what is happening in the text. Emily is ambitious.


Jacob is enjoying our topic work .He wants to know more and more and shares all his new learning at home. Jacob is ambitious.


31st January 2020


Josh was amazing at Clip and Climb .He climbed right to the very top of the walls.Josh was confident.


7th February 2020

Darwin is flying with his reading,writing and spelling.He is determined to crack every new bit of learning. He is ambitious.


14th February 2020

Layla is determined to improve her spelling. She is using  the sound mat and is choosing wisely .Layla is ambitious.