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F2 - Y6 Flu Immunisation - you have to register online for this, emails sent out. Paper information, on here, in Newsletters. School reopens on Tuesday 5th November

Reading Information


Remember :

  • You need to have done AT LEAST 4 reads per week (Friday pm to Friday am).
  • There must be AT LEAST one read signed by an adult , this can be an adult at home or at school.
  • Guided reads in class DO NOT count as they are group reads with support.
  • Your reads MUST be recorded in your reading diary . If you forget to take your diary home you can log your reads onto a piece of paper and stick it into your diary at school (this is your responsibility). Scraps of paper WILL NOT be accepted , unless stuck in diaries.
  • The DATE and BOOK TITLE must be written in your diary.
  • You MUST write a comment in your diary about what you have read , try to infer from the text you have read from , make a prediction or tell us what you have enjoyed . "I read at bedtime" or "I love reading" IS NOT an acceptable comment .This will help you with comprehension tests , so get into the habit of doing it.
  • Diaries are collected first thing Friday morning , it is your responsibility to make sure it is in the basket to be checked , not mine or your mums !This applies to homework also !