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Have a wonderful summer...from all the Annesley Staff. Good luck to the children who have left us, to move to other schools.


Why read?

Sharing books and stories with your child is fun! It is a great way to build special memories and moments with your child, and can easily become a favourite part of the day. It also helps children:

  • Understand the world around them.
  • Develop social and emotional skills
  • Build confidence with communication.
  • Strengthen their bond with you and other family members.


Ask questions when you are reading together. For example:

  •  What do you see on this page?
  •  How do you think the characters feel?
  •  What do you think is going to happen next?

When you have finished, talk about how your child feels about the book:

  •  What did they like?
  •  What didn’t they like?
  •  What can they remember about what happened?
  •  Who was their favourite character? Why?
  •  Link the story to their own experiences. Can they remember when they did something similar? Most importantly, have fun!


to write in your child's diary. If your child reads four times in a week they will get a sticker for their bookmark. When they have completed their bookmark they will choose a book to take home and keep.