Home Page
It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!


It has been a few weeks since we have all been together , so I want us to look at belonging and how this can help to shape us as a person. We are all part of our school team, our class team and I like to think we are great at helping each other out when we need to. At the moment we can keep in touch via this class page and the blog, I am sure you have other ways too but I would like us to use school. This week I would like you to send a message of support to your friends, using the class blog, ask how they are doing and tell us a little about how you are.

 Then I have a sheet for you to copy up at the bottom of this page, all about belonging: this could be to a church, a youth club, scouts , or school. Have a go at filling it in.