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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!


One of our first projects, during lockdown, was to build a floating galleon (well done Benjamin). Now we have moved onto cracking contraptions, I have found a tutorial on how to make a hovercraft. Have a go and send me evidence of yours working. 

As an extra challenge, let's see whose can hover the furthest, what do you need for a long distance hover?

HOW TO MAKE A HOVERCRAFT Easy Kids Science Experiments

A fun and easy science experiment for kids of all ages! Make your own hovercraft using simple materials from your home! PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE :) ...

Create your own rainbow.


Whilst we are continuing to support all of the heroes in the NHS and the Care Service, I want you to try and create your own Rainbow.

I would love to see your attempts and a photo of you with it.

Good luck!



How to grow a rainbow at home

Is it possible to grow a rainbow at home without leprechauns?

How to Make a Rainbow

We often see beautiful rainbows during or right after a rain storm, but did you know that you can make your very own rainbow at home?