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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!


Wallace and Gromit love a good contraption. They use any old junk to make them. Guess what I want you to have a go at this week...


Autochef - Cracking Contraptions - Wallace and Gromit

Breakfast is Wallace and Gromit's favourite meal. But why bother cooking yourself when you have an "Autochef", the combined cooker and waiter on wheels? Wall...


That's right, I want you to create a brand new contraption. You can use anything you like (ask your parents first though) to build me a contraption that will make my life easier. A refilling coffee cup, a forever plumped cushion........see what you can come up with. I look forward to seeing your ideas.

This could be me, cycling to school.