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School is busy starting plans for our return.

Photos of home learning

We hope you are all staying safe at home and enjoying your home learning packs as well as other fun activities. Send us photos of your home learning to share with your class on this page. Send photos to smiley

Arts and Craft!

Arts and Craft! 1
Arts and Craft! 2

Super Mark Making!

Master Chef watch out!

Master Chef watch out! 1
Master Chef watch out! 2
Master Chef watch out! 3

Super Mark Making & some baking!

Super Mark Making & some baking! 1
Super Mark Making & some baking! 2
Super Mark Making & some baking! 3
Super Mark Making & some baking! 4

So much fun!

So much fun! 1
So much fun! 2
So much fun! 3
So much fun! 4
So much fun! 5

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! 1
Happy Easter! 2
Happy Easter! 3
Happy Easter! 4

So many adventures!

Fun in the sun!

Fantastic learning!

Fantastic learning! 1
Fantastic learning! 2

Easter Bonnet!

Easter Bonnet! 1

Such lovely colouring!

Such lovely colouring! 1
Such lovely colouring! 2
Such lovely colouring! 3

Arts and craft time!

Arts and craft time! 1
Arts and craft time! 2

Easter Fun!

Easter Fun! 1
Easter Fun! 2