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It has been great to welcome back some of you into school. We hope to everyone back soon!


National Curriculum Overview Booklet Year 2

We hope by giving you some structured activities, that this is helping at this very challenging time. The activities are for guidance and some structure. As, all children learn at different levels. You know your child best, so please work at a pace that they are able to. There are lots of activities to explore on this page, but remember - Home is not School. Please, don't worry about 'keeping up'. Your child will be learning lots of important things by spending so much time with you. Time spent reading, being read to, playing games and talking cannot be underestimated. Ongoing revision... Daily reading. Practise your x2, x5 and x10. When you have mastered these move onto the x3. Practise your spellings. If you have any suggestions, or advise, about your child's learning then please do not hesitate to contact me.

140 Fun things to do indoors.