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ipads and television

  What’s the problem?

  • TV takes time away from human contact, social play and interaction.
  • Studies show that children who watch a lot of TV have difficulty with reading and
  • have poorer social skills when they start school.
  • Watching a lot of TV at a young age has been linked to attention difficulties later in
  • childhood.
  • TV moves very quickly (there is a change on the screen about every 6 seconds). Real
  • life has a slower pace which helps children to develop their concentration skills.
  • Having TV on in the background can disrupt very young children’s play.
  • Less time for real life learning (e.g. sharing books, play) and interactions between
  • parents and children.
  • Irregular sleep schedules
  • An increased risk of childhood obesity.

 How can we help?

  • One hour of quality screen time per day
  • Work it into your routine, e.g. after lunch or dinner
  • Choose programs in which characters are talking directly to your child, repeating key
  • words, and there are clear links between spoken words and what is happening on
  • screen
  • Turn the TV off whilst your child is playing.
  • Do not allow a TV in the bedroom.
  • Watch TV with your child and make comments about it.
  • Read with your child. Have books in the home. Visit the library often.
  • Practice what you preach!