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Take a look at what we've been getting up to this term....... 
Over this term, we will cover: 


Children will read a very famous narrative poem all about a Highwayman, we will learn how poetic devices are used to paint a picture for the reader.  


Children will spend most of the term working decimals and percentages.  We will then move onto properties of shape, position and direction and finish with converting measures. 


Children will learning more about materials their properties and how they act.  We will look at reversible and irreversible changes. 


We will be learning how to record sound and use editing software to create our own podcast. 


Children will learn about the middle ages with some recap over the Tudors and how they impacted on life even today. 


Children will first look at how to plan a journey.  We will then look more closely at environmental change and how the UK has changed over time. 


We will explore different drawing techniques which will later apply to our very own Tudor portraits inspired by Hans Holbein. 


Children will learn about structures and how you create frames for form free-standing structures.  We will look at strengthening and joining techniques to ensure our structure remain upright - we hope!


Children will learn more about different places of visit and the similarities and difference between these buildings.  


In the first half term, children will be taking part in the DART program and learn about how we will change as we get older.  


Children will learn vocabulary around school trips and building to having sort conversations with each other. 


Children will learn how different music can be used to create different emotions and how these pieces of music are used in movies.