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Look what we have been up to...

12/7/24- Chester Zoo Trip! Thank goodness it stopped raining! 

21/6/24- Food was in short supply during WW2. We tried out baking  with rationed ingredients. There certainly wasn't much sugar!


14/6/24- We tried Jamaican food. Plantain, jerk chicken, sweet potato to name a few. The jerk chicken was a bit hot!

7/6/24- We made do and had to mend, darning socks! When the air raid siren sounded, we took cover!

w/c-20/5/24-Colour Mixing and creating tones for Paddington's spare wellies

w/c-13/5/24-Healthy Eating

w/c 6/5/24-Exercise is important!

w/c-1/5/24-Plastic  Pollution is a problem! We made Plastic Odd Fish to remind us to care for our oceans!