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Strategies to help children to communicate

Be face to face
Get down to the child’s physical level and make sure that you can look directly into each others eyes.

Follow the child’s lead by copying their actions, sounds, facial expressions or words

Watch Wait and Listen!
Watch to see what the child is interested in or what they are trying to
tell you.
Wait to give them a chance to initiate or get involved in the game or
Listen to what the child is saying so you can respond appropriately

Instead of asking a question try making a comment. Remember to respond briefly and reflect on what the child is interested in. Then wait to see what happens!

Join in and play!
Build on the child’s interest and take the focus off talking. Play together and have fun!

Try working out the child message. Then put the child’s behaviour, sounds, words and gestures into adult language ‘say it as she would if she could’

Expand on what the child says
Trying repeating back what the child has said and then add in another word to make it longer!