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Please take a look at what we have planned for the children over the Spring term. 

Our term will start with exploring life with the vicious Vikings and awful Anglo-saxons. What was life like in these cultures and how have these two invaders influenced our modern day lives? As part of this, we will also be investigating sagas, getting to know mythical figures and making our own Viking jewellery. We will also be investigating the various life cycles of different living things and seeing how they compare to one another.

Moving into the second half of this term, we will be trying to figure out why settlements are near water and exploring the importance of rivers.


Take a look at what we've been getting up to this term.......

WC - 25/3/24 PE - Tag Rugby

WC - 11/3/24 Science - Dissecting plants to investigate plant reproduction

WC - 4/3/24 Geography - labelling UK rivers 

WC 26/2/24 - Zoo project sketches 

WC - 19/2/24 Art - Clay Viking brooches

WC - 22/1/24 Computing - Presenting data on spreadsheets as graphs

WC - 15/1/24 English - Norse God character descriptions

WC - 8/1/24 Science - Life cycle of a bird