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Take a look at what we've been getting up to this term.......
Shared Writing


British Science Week
World Book Day
Digestion on masse!
Junk music this week
Answering our questions through scientific enquiry - Evaporation


And action....playscript role play!

Some excellent myth writing this week!

Role play and mini play for the myth Apollo and the Chimera in English this week!
Using Recenrek was a great way to see the mathematical concept this week!



We will begin this term by working on some Greek myths, we will be looking at Apollo and the Chimera and Jason and the Golden Fleece.  We will then explore  poetry too.  Before,  moving on to information text, linked to Greek Gods and Goddess'. 


This half term, we are placing a huge focus on our presentation and handwriting, and I will be on the lookout for wonderfully presented and consistently joined pieces of writing.  


Our main focus on Maths will be on multiplication and division, ensuring that we are confident with our times tables and related division facts before moving on to the written methods of column multiplication and bus stop division.

Our topic after this will be Fractions and Decimals, where we will need to apply our multiplication and division knowledge.


Stetes of matter including solids , liquids and gasses, this term is followed by All Living Things

History and Geography:

Ancient Greece – Study of Greek life and achievements and influence on the western world

How did the Greeks become modern day heroes?

Where did the Olympic games originate?

What are the similarities/differences between Ancient Greece to Modern day Greece?

This term we will look at who the Ancient Greeks were. We will explore the Olympic Games.  We will also look at Greek Myths and Legends and how Greek architect has changed.  The children will then design and make their own Graecian Urns.