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In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 2023 Year 2 sailed the Annesley sea!

Look what we have been up to...

w/c-8/2/24- We got busy baking a choice of crumbles fit for a mouse rather than Gruffalo crumble.We sliced, chopped, peeled, grated and mixed apple and raspberry crumble, plum crumble and banana and mars bar crumble!


w/c-29/1/24-We were inspired by the work of artist and sculptor Giacometti. Using pipe cleaners and silver foil, we tried to create similar sculptures of human figures.


w/c- 22/1/24- What a lot of rubbish! Can we sort it into things that can be recycled and things that can't?

w/c-22/1/24-Investigating what helps seeds grow.  We shared our predictions and wait to see what happens. Do plants need the dark so they can sleep? Sleep helps us grow. Will plants grow in blackcurrant juice or in waterlogged conditions? Only time will tell...

w/c-15/1/24-Classifying Animals We sorted animals in different ways according to their characteristics, habitats and species

w/c- 8/1/24-Seeds The pomegranate seeds were sour but delicious! We could see the seeds inside the mangetout by holding it up to the light.