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This term we will learn about fantastic humans.

In this topic we will learn about lots of fantastic people, past and present.

We will also learn about our amazing human body and what it can do.

Take a look at what we've been getting up to this term....... 

Week Commencing 25/03/2024

Learning to weigh items.

This week we have been learning about how to weigh objects and talking about which is heavier and which is lighter. We had fun making our own scales.

Week Commencing 18/03/2024

Learning to measure and celebrating Green Day

This week we have been learning to measure using a ruler. We have learnt the terms taller, shorter, longer and smaller. We have even learnt about mm, cm and m. It has also been a special day today where we have all dressed in green to support and celebrate one of our amazing school children.

Week Commencing 11/03/2024

British Science Week and continuing to stay healthy

This week we have enjoyed taking part in British Science Week where we have enjoyed experimenting with Jelly and different ingredients to see if it changes the time it takes to set. I think the children enjoyed trying the jelly, fruit and especially the chocolate buttons.
We also carried on with our daily exercise where we went out and tried to run around the playground as many times as we could in eight minutes. Well done everyone.

Week Commencing 04/03/2024

Keeping Healthy and World Book Day

This week we have been looking at what we need to do to keep us healthy. We have looked at food and also exercise. It has also been World Book Day, look at some of our amazing costumes.

Week Commencing 12/01/2024

Throwing, catching and building a chair

Week Commencing 19/01/2024

Hot-seating and letter writing

Week Commencing 29/01/2024

Addition and Subtraction

This week we have re-capped our addition with carries into the tens column and started to look at subtraction. Ask your children what they can remember. 

Week Commencing 26/02/2024

History-Objects used in the Coronation

This week we have been looking at the three objects used in the King's Coronation, we know that there is The Crown, The Sceptre and The Orb. We even got to try them on. I hope The Tower of London does not mind!