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Speech and Langauge

Speech and Language Information

Speech, language and communication underpin everything that we do - asking for things, being able to say we like or don't like something, making friends and talking about our feelings. Lots of children have speech, language and communication difficulties. It might be that they have speech that is difficult to understand, they struggle to use sentences clearly, they don't always understand what is said to them or they struggle with making friends. This can have a big impact on their learning and development in school and at home.

We, at Annesley, are here to support you and your child. Our Language Lead - Miss Leanne Albon, can offer support and advice for any speech and language difficulties.

If you have a concern regarding your child's speech and language development, your first port of call can either be your own doctor or your child's class teacher. Through discussions with the SENDCo, Language Lead, parents and class teacher, we may then refer your child into the NHS service. 

The process for referral is quite simple, but after an initial appointment, there can often be a lengthy waiting list, so it is always best to get the ball rolling as soon as we can.  

Helping Children to Communicate

Here are some ideas and activities that you can use at home to help boost your child's speech and language development.