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P.E and Swimming

P.E. will take place on Friday mornings. P.E. will alternate with swimming, so each Friday morning your child will either take part in P.E. or swim. Please ensure your child has the appropriate PE kit and footwear suitable for outdoor PE. PE kit is a t-shirt and shorts and either trainers or pumps. Earrings must be removed prior to lessons. Staff cannot remove earrings. Children with long hair must have it tied up. Please ensure your child has their P.E. kit in school every day.

Swimming will take place every Friday morning. The children will be split into two groups which we will alternate each week. The swimming list will be in the window each week, so you know which week your child will be swimming. Girls need to wear a full costume and boys need to wear swimming trunks. If your child needs to wear goggles, please ensure you have completed the form and handed it in to myself, or the office.