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Information for families

What information is out there for me?

Mental Health and Well-being of all children and adults within our school community is a priority for the school. As a school we understand that positive Mental Health and Well-being will have a positive impact on school life (both socially and academically) as well as for the whole family, while poor Mental Health and Well-being will have a negative impact on all these areas.

At Annesley, teachers and parents and carers can speak with Mr Eccleston relating to Mental Health and Well-being and from this Mr Eccleston will create a suitable intervention for the child or if needed refer to a specialist service that can provide a more child-centered approach.

In school Mr Eccleston will work with children using Drawing and Talking Therapy, Social Stories or just be available as support when children or adults are finding it difficult to manage.

There are also some amazing resources available to parents/carers to access for free. Please contact Mr Eccleston at school if you wish to speak to him regarding your child.

Available Resources for children and adults - see our sections