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Good Work

Good Worker of the Week 

Well done goes to:

8/3/24 - William Tryner, you have worked so hard this week on measurements.  You have converted millimetres to centimetres and centimetres to meters with ease.  You have completed all the mathematical challenges we have thrown at you with ease.  Keep on believing you can achieve, as this is having a massive impact on your work.  Well done William.  Keep it up!  

23/2/24 - Dawson, what an amazing set of instructions you produced on explaining 'How to Mummify an Ancient Egyptian'.  You used: ambitious vocabulary, imperative verbs, all your steps were clear, specific and in chronological order. You even managed to include humour too.  Way to go Dawson.  Keep up the amazing work. 

26/1/24 William Taft - Way to go William.  What a mathematician in the making you are.  You have mastered timing and dividing by 4 and 8.  You notice patterns and links and your explanations are becoming more detailed.  This helps you solve tricky word problems.  Keep it up!  

19/1/24 Onxy - you finally made it.  What an amazing piece of independent writing you produced.  Your diary entry, in the words of the Pharaoh, definitely transported me back to Ancient Egypt.  You included lots of emotive language and description.  You should be so proud of yourself! 

12/1/24 - Sophia Yates, what an amazing attitude you have come back to school with.  You are determined to do your best.  Your monologue for Rhodophis was out of this world.  You included emotive language, rhetorical questions, as well bringing your writing to life.  Keep on believing in yourself and doing the best you can!

8/12/23 - Oliver - wow! You have finally mastered subtracting two-digit numbers from three-digits with exchange.     Keep up the good work!  Well done! 

1/12/23 - Ellie, what amazing writing you have produced this week.  Your persuasive techniques in your Cresswell Crags leaflet definitely would persuade me to go.  Keep on pushing yourself to produce the best work you can.  You've got this! 

24/11/23 - 

 17/11/23- William Taft, what amazing maths work you completed this week.  Your presentation was outstanding.  I know that you will take as much pride in your work  when we move onto column addition with exchange.  Keep on challenging yourself, as I know you are a mathematician in the making.  

10/11/23 - Onyx, wow your instructional writing had it all.  Imperative verbs, humour as well as ambitious vocabulary.  I especially liked your section six, explaining how the water bill would increase if you left the tap running.  Way to go Onyx.  Keep on pushing yourself and bringing your writing to life!

13/10/23 - Ellie, what a mathematician you are.  You have taken on all the challenges this week in our numeracy sessions.  You have not just gone from adding and subtracting, ones and tens, but mastered using hundreds.  You spotted the pattern and used this knowledge to help you.  Way to go Ellie, keep on challenging yourself.

6/10/23  - Iris, you have worked hard in literacy this week.  You used all the literacy devices we taught you to bring your sentence openers to life.  You included similes, expanded, noun phrases as well as your senses to help the reader visualise your alternative ending.  Keep on pushing yourself and keep on bringing your writing to life.


22/9/23 - Finley, what an ambitious writer you are.  You described the Stone Age Boy using expanded noun phrases, ambitious adjectives, similes and you even used brackets.  I particularly liked the phrase ' Black, rimmed glasses perched on the end of his nose.  How amazing is that?  Keep up the good work!  

15/09/23 - Harper Wow!  Your handwriting and presentation in English this week has been amazing.  You use conjunctions to demonstrate time and place .  You  wrote a sentence using even though, correctly.  Keep up the good work. Well done!

8/9/23 - Kiyomi, what an amazing first week you have had.  You have impressed us with your mathematical knowledge of partitioning 3-digit numbers.  You are definitely ready to take on the challenge of tackling 4-digit numbers next week.  Keep on pushing yourself.  Well done!