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Forest Schools

Welcome to our Forest Schools page!

"We didn't realise we were making memories, we just
knew we were having fun!" - Winnie the Pooh

Forest Schools is an inspiring process that offers all children equal opportunities to achieve and develop. In Forest Schools we aim to help the child develop as a whole; developing their social intelligence, their ability to regulate and take risks and build their self-esteem whilst giving them the sense of being a community. Children will take part in outdoor activities, learning about their environment whilst following the Forest Schools Ethos. This is how Forest School Sessions will work:

  • They will offer regular sessions over a long period of time

  • They will take place in a natural environment to promote the learner’s relationship and experience with the natural world.

  •  They will involve a range of child centred activities to create a sense of community for being, developing and learning.

  •  They will aim to promote development as a whole (Holistic development) by inspiring resilience, confidence, independence and creativity.

  •  They will offer children the opportunity to take supported risk which are appropriate to their environment.

  •  They will be run by qualified Forest School practitioners who continuously review and develop their professional practice.  

How can you help?
  • Children will need to wear long clothing for Forest School sessions, children sometimes forget or do not have appropriate clothing, donations of old clothes will be greatly appreciated.

  • In some sessions we will be cooking on the campfire, we will need cooking equipment such as pots, pans, knives and spoons. 

  • Children will also need Wellies, hats, scarfs, gloves, sun hats and sun glasses, donations of these items will also be helpful.

  • In order for our sessions to run effectively we will need parent helpers to come in and take part in the sessions. If you are interested, please contact Mr Slater or Mrs Cork.

Most importantly we ask you to support your child in their Forest Schools Journey! We understand that they may sometimes come home covered in mud, smelling of smoke or they may have the occasional nettle sting! We ask that you help us on our journey and help to understand that your child is having important experiences and making memories which will last forever. Your child will often bring home ‘memories’ these may just look like sticks and leaves but to your child they are precious memories. Please share these with your child.  If you have any worries or concerns, please speak to Mrs Cork. We look forward to going on this journey together!

We have so much fun at Forest School!